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That One Topic Just Too Weird for Even Those Weird Homeschoolers

After a couple months of mulling it over, I finally worked up enough nerve to ask this lovely, incredibly supportive group of homeschoolers for recommendations on a topic my son has been bugging me about for several years now. Don't be silly, Stacie. You can ask homeschoolers anything! Most of them are so open-minded and… Continue reading That One Topic Just Too Weird for Even Those Weird Homeschoolers

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What Makes a Mother

Motherhood could be defined as the state of being a mother. But what makes a mother? Some would say that a mother is just a female human who bore children and motherhood is simply her classification. However, that is not an adequate description because it disregards the word’s remaining definitions; downplays the distinct differences between… Continue reading What Makes a Mother

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Learning as you Grow

I'm sitting at the kitchen table watching you dig in your green beans and corn, your chicken nuggets scarfed down and your watery juice already gone, too. You pick through your green beans, getting at the bits of bacon hiding between. I know you're about to pick up your plate and throw it on the… Continue reading Learning as you Grow