The Secular Gifted Network

Secular Gifted, LLC was launched from a desire to simplify meeting other secular homeschoolers and to streamline the process for finding suitable curriculum for gifted and twice-exceptional kids. With so much information — and misinformation — out there, I wanted to create a single place where homeschoolers of gifted/2e kids who prefer secular curriculum could pool their resources and avoid getting lost navigating the ads and pop-ups or jumping from one shiny thing to another. In rural and suburban areas especially, where resources can be limited to web searches and the limitations of Facebook groups, for homeschoolers to use a platform that highlights meeting people first, and everything else second, is monumental.

In September 2018, The Secular Gifted Network, a deep-interest network for secular homeschoolers of gifted/2e kids, was born. Its mission is to bring together secular home educators of gifted and 2e kids and to provide a place to meet, commiserate, learn, and share resources–all in one place and free from ads, spam, and noise. The tagline, “More, together,” emphasizes the very real implications of raising gifted & 2e kids and navigating their intensities as well as the need for a like-minded community to support their social and emotional well-being.

In December 2019, I merged my passions under one convenient brand. Now, my writing, websites, and community–all supporting gifted/2e kids–can be found in one spot. My personal mission is to raise awareness for issues facing gifted and twice-exceptional children, to promote educational resources for gifted/2e kids, and to unite and foster community among homeschoolers of gifted/2e kids.