SECTX Homeschool

***Due to COVID-19, this group has been suspended through Spring 2021 at minimum.***

Southeast Central Texas Homeschool (“SECTX Homeschool“) was established to better suit the needs of my twice-exceptional son, to form a secular co-op in my immediate area, and to give back to the homeschooling community.

Founded in December 2018, SECTX Homeschool is an inclusive co-op that celebrates neurodiversity, embraces technology, uses secular homeschooling curriculum, and advocates for gifted, twice-exceptional (2e), and other non-neurotypical kids. Homeschoolers needn’t both be secular homeschoolers and also be gifted/2e/neurodivergent to join; they can be one or the other (or none – we welcome all homeschoolers who celebrate neurodiversity and respect all races, religions, ages, and genders).

Our mission is to serve the needs of both secular and gifted/2e/neurodivergent learners in the Southeast Central Texas area (Fayette, Lee, Washington, Austin, Colorado, Lavaca, Gonzales, Caldwell, Bastrop counties). In addition to using secular curricula, we aim to provide members with opportunities for meetups, field trips, clubs, organized events, and homeschool-specific honor societies. We’re where kids who are intense, sensitive, perceptive, persistent, energetic, a puzzle to figure out — kids who are just more — can fit “out” together.