Find True; Be True

I’ll start by saying, the older I get, the less crap I give about speaking out, bucking the bull, or going against mainstream society. I haven’t always been honest with myself. I haven’t always been myself around people. I haven’t always done what makes me happy.

I’ve made some changes over the years, though, and while some were difficult, the changes were and continue to be the right thing for me and my family (whether or not they know it yet). I’m honest, raw–sometimes completely tactless and un-politically correct. I strive to be true to myself, true to my family, and true to you.

“True” means being real, no matter what I do or what I write about. I like people (and things) that are real and true, too. That’s why, in a few weeks, I’ll welcome my mentor and published author, Audrey Wick, to tell us about her new book, FINDING TRUE NORTH.

Completely fitting–and that’s the truth.

What do you think?

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