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Universal Basic Income: Humanity’s Revolving Path Forward

The following essay was written February 9, 2020 (on the verge of but prior to Andrew Yang's presidential race drop-out, the coronavirus pandemic, and the crash of the U.S./world economy) for my government class. Although Senator Mitch McConnell has taken credit for this idea (following Mitt Romney and others), the points made in this article and by Andrew Yang remain applicable, perhaps now more than ever.

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Modeling Healthy Balance by Modeling Healthy Behaviors

"I've learned how to be a cycle-breaker and how to become a positive parent. By doing so, I am modeling healthy balance by first modeling healthy behavior. We've all got to start somewhere."


Said vs. Stated: Irritating Nuances of Language Usage

In my former legal assistant profession, I dealt with many shades of people--some so colorful they would make a rainbow appear drab. These same people were usually the ones who used language that grated on my nerves. Let me clarify. I'm not specifically talking about precise use of language ("smart" vs. "intelligent" vs. "clever"). Yes,… Continue reading Said vs. Stated: Irritating Nuances of Language Usage

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Secular Christian Homeschooling: It’s My Thing But It Certainly Doesn’t Have To Be Yours

Secular Christian Homeschooling--that's really a thing? I have no idea. But if not, consider me revolutionary. I am a Christian. However, I also believe in separation of religion and education (or, if you prefer, "church and state," but since I no longer adhere to the state-run educational system, maybe that's not so accurate). Specifically in… Continue reading Secular Christian Homeschooling: It’s My Thing But It Certainly Doesn’t Have To Be Yours

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Ditch the Deviations

I'm so over purveyors of popular penny-pinching perfectionist ploys. I've been reading all the blogs. I subscribe to all the newsletters. You know the ones. Do this and your kids will be healthy, perfect angels who don't spazz out on sugar crack, and your skin and hair will be shiny and luxurious, and your home… Continue reading Ditch the Deviations


Find True; Be True

I'll start by saying, the older I get, the less crap I give about speaking out, bucking the bull, or going against mainstream society. I haven't always been honest with myself. I haven't always been myself around people. I haven't always done what makes me happy. I've made some changes over the years, though, and… Continue reading Find True; Be True


Close Your Mouth

"Close your mouth," my husband whispered to me as I sat in the passenger seat at the Dairy Queen drive-through window. The man taking our order stood patiently waiting. As I watched the chocolate sauce ooze down onto a vanilla cone, I got caught open-mouthed and nearly drooling. I was debating over a chocolate fudge… Continue reading Close Your Mouth

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What Makes a Mother

Motherhood could be defined as the state of being a mother. But what makes a mother? Some would say that a mother is just a female human who bore children and motherhood is simply her classification. However, that is not an adequate description because it disregards the word’s remaining definitions; downplays the distinct differences between… Continue reading What Makes a Mother