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Author Q&A: Audrey Wick on FINDING TRUE NORTH

Credit: Audrey Wick

As promised, below is my first author Q&A with Audrey Wick on her book, Finding True North. Thank you again, Audrey!

Hi, Stacie! It’s such a pleasure to be a guest on your blog. I’ve always enjoyed our chats about books and writing, and now your blog audience gets to peek into one of our conversations, too. Here we go!

Tell me about yourself.

I have been a full-time professor at Blinn College since 2003. I teach a variety of writing and literature courses, and I’ve always enjoyed writing on the side. I’ve spent the last few years with longer-form works, and I’m so proud to have my first novel releasing on April 12. It’s a sweet story set in Texas. I adore my state as much as my characters do, and I hope readers enjoy the way that I present this in my book.

What is your book about?

FINDING TRUE NORTH is my debut contemporary novel. The heroine, Paige, lives in Seguin, one of the oldest towns in Texas. She is a mother who is trying to navigate life post-divorce when she reconnects with Everett, an acquaintance from high school. She gets a second chance at love, but she’ll have to make some tough choices to find her “true north.”

How did you decide on a genre?

I read in lots of different genres, but women’s fiction is one that draws me back again and again. If I want a fun beach read or a lazy day escape, this genre is what I enjoy. My literary agent encouraged me to try writing this book because she thought my writing voice was well-suited to it. I have also done a lot of reading in the women’s fiction genre, so that helped me understand readers’ expectations. In FINDING TRUE NORTH, I got to develop not only a wonderful female protagonist in Paige, but I also got to write sweet romantic elements, which I really enjoyed as well.

How did you get published?

To publish traditionally, I first had to find a literary agent to accept my work. A literary agent is like a real estate agent except instead of selling property, the agent sells a manuscript. I received about sixty rejections before finding my agent. Then, the agent had to submit the manuscript to publishers. While she did that, I continued to write so that I would have more than one manuscript. Ultimately, I wrote four full-lengths before FINDING TRUE NORTH was contracted. My first three were Texas-set young adult manuscripts, and I got better with each of those projects. They helped me explore different elements like character, setting, and plot that I was able to fashion in fresh ways with FINDING TRUE NORTH.

How long did that take?

It took me about a year to write the book, a year to get an agent, and about three more years to contract with a publisher.

What is your method?

I am a writing teacher who writes, so I tell my students that when they are writing, I am writing. I usually have some project going, whether it’s a novel idea, outlining, or sometimes a shorter non-fiction article or professional essay for my field of teaching. But during winter break, spring break, and the summer months when I choose not to teach, I’m able to devote a great deal of time to writing. Typically, summer is when my best work happens.

Where can I get a copy of your book?findingtruenorth-300dpi615634372.jpg

After April 12, it will be available in print and digital forms through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks, and Google Play. Autographed copies are available locally at the Fayette County Record Book Center in La Grange, Texas. I hope readers stop by to get a copy and let me know how they like it.

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