The Woman

Stacie Brown McCullough is a writer and published author of multiple essays and articles, introverted gifted adult, and multipotentialite. She’s the founder of The Secular Gifted Network (donated to GHF®, a global non-profit supporting gifted/2e learners, in June 2020), founder of SECTX Homeschool, and co-owner and manager of MMc Metal Designs, LLC. She lives in small-town, Texas with her husband, kiddos, and various creatures.

In addition to her business pursuits, Stacie serves as Editorial Director of GHF® Periodicals on the GHF® Board of Directors, Managing Editor of GHF® Periodicals, and GHF® Writing Team Manager. She contributes to GHF® Journey, GHF® Dialogue, and GHF® Press. She is also a secular homeschooling mom, a psychology student, and a passionate gifted/2e advocate. Her personal mission is to support gifted/2e children and their parents by raising awareness about issues specific to this demographic, promoting relevant educational resources, and uniting and fostering community among gifted/2e people.

Stacie can be found reading all the things, gardening, and guiding her own gifted/twice-exceptional children toward their own educational goals. When not busy life-ing, she writes fiction. Check out her published works here.