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These photos represent my life.

Maybe one day when perhaps photography piques my interest, I will get around to taking actual photos of my life and posting them on the internet.

But I have lots of other exciting things going on today.

Welcome to my world.

Dedicated, thorough, great follow through in her goals to support other homeschoolers.

Janet Potts Murphy, Social Media Manager for Beth Wiseman, Bestselling & Award-Winning Author for HarperCollins Christian Publishing

Janet Potts Murphy

. . . always prepared well in advance of deadlines . . . carefully organized . . . Stacie is not only able to excel academically, but she does so while balancing personal responsibilities and her own freelance writing pursuits . . . [S]he truly exemplifies the Blinn College tagline of “Proven” because she has proven to be an asset in so many areas . . . an asset to any program.

Audrey Wick, Professor of English at Blinn College and Author of Finding True North, Coming Home, On the Market, Off the Market, and Island Charm 

Audrey Wick