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These photos represent my life.

Maybe one day when perhaps photography piques my interest, I will get around to taking actual photos of my life and posting them on the internet.

But I have lots of other exciting things going on today.

Welcome to my world.

[P]ursuing the truth, wherever it leads . . . an exceptional individual . . . disciplined and engaged . . . insightful . . . [able to consistently extrapolate and apply political theory] pragmatically to the world beyond . . . [able] to grasp two conflicting political arguments while carefully and rationally engaging them, understanding the nuances of each . . . Her intellectual commitment toward acquiring a comprehensive and diverse perspective . . . easily place her in the top echelon of the thousands of students I have taught. Her writing ability alone is easily among the top ten . . . Her commitment to scholarly excellence and her ability to personally communicate and inspire [her peers] to meet the high standards she sets is unmatched . . .”

Brian Cravens, Professor of Government, Blinn College

Brian Cravens

Dedicated, thorough, great follow through in her goals to support other homeschoolers.

Janet Potts Murphy, Social Media Manager for Beth Wiseman, Bestselling & Award-Winning Author for HarperCollins Christian Publishing

Janet Potts Murphy